Dr. Sabesan Manivasakan

Dr. Sabesan Manivasakan

Senior Database Engineer,
Relational Data Service (RDS),
Amazon Web Services (AWS),
East Palo Alto, CA, USA

Keynote Speech : Locked and Loaded


Database locking is a frequently occurring condition in relational databases mainly to preserve consistency of the data. Locks can impact performance of all kinds of applications accessing data stored in a relational database. The software developers and DevOps engineers involved with Databases need to have a better understanding of the SQL queries using in their applications that end up in locking scenarios. In the worst case scenario some poorly developed applications end up in deadlocks and costs millions for the companies providing services to customers. Banking, Credit Cards, Online retails shopping are the top industries affected by locks. In the relational database world locks can’t be avoided, but applications need to be designed wisely. In adequate database knowledge of developers and on-the-fly machine generated queries are the very causes for locking scenarios. We will brainstorm why locking is an issue, how to monitor those locks and resolve the developments issues during the talk.

Biographical Profile:

Dr. Sabesan Manivasakan is a proud alumnus from the fifth batch of Department of Computer Science, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka and completed his under-graduation specializing in Computer Science in 2001. Then in 2010, he completed his PhD from the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, Sweden. His research primarily focused on query optimization with web services and mediator engines. After the graduation, he continued as a Research Associate with Uppsala Database Laboratory and during that period he contributed towards several European academic and industrial projects. A year later, he joined Oracle as a Software Engineer at the headquarters in Redwood Shores, California, United States and worked alongside an automated SQL tuning group to develop key features in Database performance tuning. From 2019, he is a Senior Database Engineer with Relational Database System, Amazon Web Services and continues his research and development towards automated performance tuning with various Database engines. He is now focusing on collaborating with Gen AI-related technologies for database performance tuning and building ecosystems for databases.

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